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Istniejące od 1993 roku na włocławskim rynku Biuro Podróży Sun Holiday (wcześniej pod szyldem Scan Holiday) zaprasza do skorzystania ze swojej bogatej oferty. Wycieczki objazdowe, wypoczynek na słonecznych i piaszczystych plażach, bilety autokarowe i lotnicze, hotele w dowolnym miejscu na świecie, ubezpieczenia.

Stage I: From Kraśnik to Zwierzyniec
The first section of the trail has a length of 100 km. The route leads through the most attractive of the West Roztocze and
Szczebrzeszyńskie Roztocze of Kraśnika by Szastarka, Batorz, Otrocz, Goray, Radecznica, Szczebrzeszyn to Zwierzyniec.

Stage II: From Zwierzyniec to Hrebenne
Section with a length of 86 km leads from Zwierzyniec by Tereszpol, Górecko old, Józefów, Susiec, Belzec, the Royal Lubycza, Hrebenne presenting the natural and cultural values and Rawski Tomaszów Roztocze.

Stage III: From Hrebenne to Lviv
This stage is about 80 km and is led on the territory of Ukraine. It goes from Hrebenne by Rawa Ruska, Potelych, Niemirow,
Krekhiv, Ivano francs (former Johns) to Brzuchowice, a district of the city. The route runs along the Roztocze, passing through Rawa Janowskie and Lviv.

Horse riding: two routes - "Uhlan Horse Trail" - 34km and "Roztoczanski" - 25km

This is just a taste of things to do in this part of the Polish. Please provide your preferens and we'll find a wonderful trip.
Roztocze - underrated by many polish people region connecting the two province - Lublin and Subcarpathian and two states - Poland and Ukraine. A place that will delight not only in history and heritage, but beautiful nature.

It is an ideal place for active people - About 1000km hiking trails, walking paths and teaching, hundreds of miles of bike trails.Roztocze is a great place for cycling tours. A varied and quite mild route suitable for bike lovers in  all ages. The main cycling route is Central Region Bike Trail Dust mites, which guides you through the most interesting Roztocze place in Poland and Ukraine. It is divided into three sections: Kraśnik - Zwierzyniec, Zwierzyniec - Hrebenne, Hrebenne - Lviv. This pathway has been recognized by the Polish Tourist Organisation best tourist product of 2004.


A great idea for Roztocze are kayaking adventure. With it you can get to know the unique nature and to spend time with family and friends. Most rallies are organized on rivers Tanew and Wieprz. Both beautiful and cleanwinding through unspoiled forests and meadows Kayakers can also be found in the rivers Por and Lada. You can also rafting on the river Tyszowce Huczwie.
Tanew river

Tanew is one of the most beautiful rivers in south-eastern Poland. The river flows on the southern Roztocze of wetlands between villages Stara Huta and Trimmings Russians, near the village of Wola United. Sailing along the edge of Solska Tanew discovered the most wonderful section views of the Roztocze. White water rafting is best to start from Narol or town Paary.
Wieprz river

With of 303 km long river Wieprz is the third largest river Lublin area. Size is second only to the Vistula and Bug. However, unlike the bigger siblings Wieprz flows through the center of the region and the entire length is located on the province. Roztoczanski Park stretch of the river is ideal for canoeing.
Sample solution:
   Accommodation in Zwierzyniec in the heart of the Roztocze, a city that for centuries has operated as a "royal summer resort" was recreation area for family Zamoyski. Hier is also the seat of Roztoczański National Park. In the central Zwierzyniec point is the famous church on the water next to the proposed accommodation Old Mill. The second characteristic of the building is the famous brewery Zwierzyniecki. If you like walking and hiking will find for themselves charming alleys in the neighboring park Zwierzynek. Amateur photo-shooting early in the morning can go to Roztoczański National Park in search of birds with an amazing bird show.

More active people are welcome to cycling combined with rafting canoe. The cycling route in Roztoczański National Park from Zwierzyniec to Florianka or Zwierzyniec Szczebrzeszyn. Next day we offer route for cyclists Ziewierzyniec - Krasnobrod. Along the way, the famous farm Guciow where we try local liquor "Roztocze Tears"; visit the pleasant hut with wonderful stories guide for those in love side, we continue to Karasnobrodu. We visit a small charming market towns in the center  On the way back we get to paddle in Kaczórki and began Wieprz river flow. This is the section where the river is bright, fragile.
Another day full of variety

You can choose rafting Zwierzyniec - Szczebrzeszyn with kayaks.Very scenic route.Along the way,
observe many birds and beautiful trees along river. For volunteers in good weather provided for bathing. Return bikes through Szczebrzeszyński Nature Park with a stop in Kaweczynek for a meal with local delicacies as Reczczoniak, Tarciuk and excellent meads.

We offer accommodation in the Old Mill hotel with amazing scenery and atmosphere that create supports. In this of places we will all begin the cycle paths.

This is just a taste of things to do in this part of the Polish. Please provide your preferences and we'll find a wonderful
expedition. We can prepare a bid for any number of days having your opportunities and the need for activity.

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